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The 2005 Spec. Fic Snapshot


KJ Bishop

Jack Dann

Will Elliott

Richard Harland

Robert Hood

Martin Murphy & Ian Iveson

Christian Read

Cameron Rogers

The Spierig Brothers

Peter Weir

Kim Wilkins


Finding Carnacki the Ghost Finder

Pilots into the Unknown



Agog! 1

Agog! 2


Epiphanies of Blood


Passing Strange

Southern Blood


The Boys

The Roly Poly Man

Wake in Fright


809 Jacob Street, by Marty Young

After The Bloodwood Staff, by Laura E. Goodin

The Art of Effective Dreaming, by Gillian Polack

Bad Blood, by Gary Kemble

Black City, by Christian Read

The Black Crusade, by Richard Harland

The Body Horror Book, by C. J. Fitzpatrick

Clowns at Midnight, by Terry Dowling

Dead City, by Christian D. Read

Dead Europe, by Christos Tsiolkas

Devouring Dark, by Alan Baxter

The Dreaming, by Queenie Chan

Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead, by Robert Hood

Full Moon Rising, by Keri Arthur

Gothic Hospital, by Gary Crew

The Grief Hole, by Kaaron Warren

Grimoire, by Kim Wilkins

Hollow House, by Greg Chapman

My Sister Rosa, by Justine Larbalestier

Path of Night, by Dirk Flinthart

The Last Days, by Andrew Masterson

Lotus Blue, by Cat Sparks

Love Cries, by Peter Blazey, etc (ed)

Netherkind, by Greg Chapman

Nil-Pray, by Christian Read

The Opposite of Life, by Narrelle M. Harris

The Road, by Catherine Jinks

Perfections, by Kirstyn McDermott

Sabriel, by Garth Nix

Salvage, by Jason Nahrung

The Scarlet Rider, by Lucy Sussex

Skin Deep, by Gary Kemble

Snake City, by Christian D. Read

The Tax Inspector, by Peter Carey

Tide of Stone, by Kaaron Warren

The Time of the Ghosts, by Gillian Polack

Vampire Cities, by D'Ettut

While I Live, by John Marsden

The Year of the Fruitcake, by Gillian Polack

2003 EyeScream Film Festival

2004 EyeScream Film Festival

2005 EyeScream Film Festival

2007 A Night of Horror Film Festival


Under the Blue Moon, 2008

Alison's Birthday

The Boys

Carmilla Hyde



Dangerous Game

Dark Age

Dead End Drive-In


The Last Wave

Lost Things

The Long Weekend


Summer of Secrets


Wake in Fright

Hearts in Atlantis


Modern Day

The Dark Ages: A History of Horror

On the Page

On the Screen


Australian Comics

Tabula Rasa

Australian Horror


Australian Horror Writers Association
The Australian Horror Writers Association

Southern Horror yahoo group
The Southern Horror yahoo group
: Official forum for the AHWA.

ScaryMinds: a compilation of reviews and news for local horror.

A Night of Horror film festival
A Night of Horror
New short horror film festival in Sydney

Magazines and Markets

Brimstone Press
Brimstone Press
: A new independent publisher set up by Angela Challis with Shane Jiraiya Cummings.

Dark Animus
Dark Animus
: A magazine of dark pulp fiction, edited by James R. Cain.

Shadowed Realms: Dark Flash Fiction
Shadowed Realms
: A professional magazine of flash fiction, edited by Angela Challis with Shane Jiraiya Cummings.

Ticonderoga Online
Ticonderoga online
: A magazine of gonzo SF, from Lyn Battersby, Russell B. Farr and Liz Grzyb.

Fiend Magazine
Fiend Magazine
: A celebration of dark alternative music and culture.

MirrorDanse Books: Publishers of local horror and SF anthologies


Lee Battersby Author of the The Divergence Tree from Prime, plus more.
Lyn Battersby An editor of Ticonderoga Online, and writer of her own stories.
Deb Biancotti 'Upcoming' Australian writer, as they say, with lots of good stuff.
KJ Bishop author of the fabulous The Etched City.
Gary Crew prolific author of children's and young adult dark fiction.
Stephen Dedman Author of Shadow's Bite and other novels, plus too many stories to count.
Terry Dowling A much loved SF author who has also written excellent horror fare.
Karen Fainges Author of The Shaytonian Chronicles, vampire fiction available on-line.
Stephanie Gunn author and (incidentally) designer of neat jewellery.
Richard Harland author of the Ferren series, The Black Crusade and more.
Robert Hood Horror and crime writer, not to mention giant monster and zombie expert.
Martin Livings author of numerous short stories.
Brett McBean author of The Last Motel and the The Mother.
Jason Nahrung author of Blood and Dust.
Kirstyn McDermott award-winning novelist and podcaster.
Garth Nix Highly successful dark fantasy author.
Ben Peek Ben's lo-fi website, with writing, criticism and the occasional meme.
Josephine Pennicott Author of the Circle of Nine trilogy of dark fantasy novels.
Benjamin Solah Horror writer and Marxist revolutionary.
Cat Sparks writer, photographer, designer and editor of Agog!.
Kaaron Warren The nicest writer of the nastiest stories.
Kim Wilkins author of many novels, including multi-award winner The Infernal and The Autumn Castle.
Marty Young editor and author.

Books Popular and comprehensive Stephen King resource, based in Australia.


Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney
Infinitas Bookshop, Sydney
Slow Glass Books, Melbourne


Digital Retribution Horror movie review and discussion site, with an Australian focus.
And you call yourself a scientist! A cheerful and detailed look at the weirder side of movie-making.
A foreign perspective on Australian horror films from the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television.

Official Sites

Dying Breed

DVD distributors

Umbrella Entertainment

Artwork and Comics

Ben Templesmith Artist of Thirty Days of Night and much more.
Ashley Wood Artist of Hellspawn and Popbot among others.


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