EPIPHANIES OF BLOOD: Tales of Desperation and Thirst

by Bill Congreve

Epiphanies of BloodTrade Paperback: 135mm x 207mm, 184 pages
RRP $16.95 (Inc GST)
ISBN 0958658315
(Published December 1998)
Cover by Kyla Ward

Stories of madness, the love of children, and terror that break through the calm of everyday life to reveal the shifting uncertainties that lie below.

When the stuff of life takes control...

  • Boy: A Father pursues his errant son into the wilds of far north Queensland, chasing more than mere revenge.
  • Turing Test: A vampire child murders her father in a small country town. Father Luigi Calvino must discover why.
  • I am My Father's Daughter: A father hires a private investigator to find the body of his daughter, Cindy, on Sydney's mean streets. But Cindy is alive, and much more than she seems.
  • Red Ambrosia: In an effort at blackmail, a millionaire socialite kidnaps a girl child from the basement of a vampire's suburban home.
  • The Mullet That Screwed John West: Hack journalist Tony Masters is doublecrossed by his editor and consigned to Hell to interview Satan. There is no escape. Then the ghost of Adolf Hitler burns off his penis... (Keep checking on this site for updates on the novel based on this story: The Mullet That Screwed Satan.)
  • The Death of Heroes: A mother vampire struggles to feed and protect her children in Sydney's western suburbs.

'The product of Congreve's darkly unique imagination, these stories are set to reinvent the landscape of Australian horror fiction.' (Robert Hood)

Four stories have been listed as recommended reading in Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling's prestigious Year's Best Fantasy & Horror anthologies. 'The Death of Heroes' has been reprinted on the Event Horizon website, edited by Ellen Datlow. Epiphanies also contains a bibliography of the author's short fiction, accurate until the date of publication.

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