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Note that many areas of this site have relevant links on the bottom of the page. We'll keep this brief, and hopefully up to date.


Deb Biancotti 'Upcoming' Australian writer, as they say, with lots of good stuff.
KJ Bishop Website of the author of the fabulous The Etched City
Jon Blum Doctor Who writer
Richard Harland author of the Ferren series, The Black Crusade and more
Daniel Heald BT and TR artist (and furry fan)
Robert Hood Horror and crime writer, not to mention giant monster and zombie expert.
Chuck McKenzie writer and chimpanzee wrangler
Kate Orman Doctor Who writer (and former flat-mate)
Evan Paliatseas author, Gamesmaster and recent collaborator.
Ben Peek Ben's lo-fi website, with writing, criticism and the occasional meme.
David J Richardson Doctor Who and more, from a BT contributor
Otherleg Andrew Shellshear's site, for film-making, games and more
Cat Sparks photographer, designer and editor of Agog!
Rod Williams influential 'zine editor and prolific reviewer


Black Leather Required The Official David J. Schow Web Site
Dark Echo Now a semi-regular newsletter, and always fascinating
Toxic Shock TV Lots of movie reviews, interviews and news
Movie Monsters A site with lots of reviews centred around lots of different types of movie monsters
Malinche Entertainment Interactive horror fiction where you are the main character in a horror story
The Readers Room Page dedicated to suspense, horror and crime fiction
HorrorWeb Fact, Fiction or Fable: a portal site with lots of interesting stuff Horror Lots of interviews, plus reviews, articles, fiction and more

Gothic Portal lots of fun information and links for the morbidly inclined.

Donald Brooker Home page of this talented Aussie prosthetic, make-up and puppet artist
AustralOz A spec. fiction quarterly, from a TR contributor
The Peter Weir Cave Unofficial site with lots of good stuff
Crimson Screams Home page of Amy Grech


Filmink A great local film magazine.
Aussie Reviews reviews a wide range of material, including fiction, non-fiction and film.


White Wolf
Eden Studios For reviews and things
RPGs Theory and Practice With a number of interesting articles and modules On-line retailer based in Sydney

Useful Stuff

Amnesty International
The Hunger Site
Free Speech Online
The Sydney Morning Herald For keeping up to date
eBay Australia the modern marketplace (our id is ashamel)
The Pandora Project Australian web archive. We're in there somewhere
Screen Network Australia Gateway to info about Aussie film and TV. We're in there as well.
SETI@home Looking for ETs


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