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The Angel RPG

Fred: Okay, so he survived an unspeakable hell dimension--I mean, who hasn't?
But you can't just leave him all alone on the streets of Los Angeles -- Benediction 3:21

The Angel TV series has long ago grown from its original status as Buffy spin-off, with style, characters and traumas all its own. Now the Angel RPG is all set to do the same. Play on the mean streets of Los Angeles as the sides vying in the coming apocalypse choose their champions.

Angel Investigator's Casebook

by David Carroll

Angel Investigator's CasebookCrime, corruption, poverty, drugs, Hollywood starlets and, oh yeah-a whole lot of demons. This is the book that shows how it all fits together in the City of Angels. Whether you're a noir-ish private eye (ring any bells?), in the LAPD with Kate Lockley, or even a rogue demon hunter trying to find your way around a demon brothel, we've got you covered.

Then again, maybe you're on a darker path. If you're taking money on the side, have a gambling problem, or have gotten an offer you can't refuse, this might be your last chance at redemption-or a way to minimize the pain.

The Investigator's Casebook is a supplement for the Angel roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

  • An intro to running adventures on the mean streets.
  • Details about Angel Investigations-the cases they solve and the locations they haunt.
  • New character options, plus new weapons and equipment.
  • Rules and guidelines for solving cases, collecting evidence, conducting forensics, profiling, interrogating, gambling, and more.
  • A detailed look at the world of private eyes-what they do, and how they do it.
  • Police work made easy, including a run down of the LAPD, a primer for catching bad guys, and notes on how the federal authorities fit into it all.
  • A quick guide to the court system, whether you're prosecuting or defending, and details on prisons in case it all goes wrong.
  • A look at life in the urban wasteland, from ladies of the night to gangsters, and the people trying to make things better.
  • The supernatural street subculture, from casinos to demon worshippers, and the karaoke bar at its center.
  • A ready-to-run adventure taking it to the streets.

ANGEL™ ©2003. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The Angel trademark is used without express permission from Fox. The Angel RPG produced by Eden Studios. All Rights Reserved. © 2001-2003 Eden Studios, Inc.


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