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Demon: The Fallen Demon: the Fallen

White Wolf, best known for its series of games set in the World of Darkness, which allow you to experience the world as the traditional creatures of legend, now let you play the oldest legends of them all.


A game of infernal torment and redemption, Demon: The Fallen lets you imagine a past that stretches back to the dawn of creation and a future which is in your characters' hands. Once they were angels of the seven houses, who rebelled against the Creator for the benefit of humankind. Stripped of their powers and sealed in the Abyss, their punishment was decreed eternal. So what has happened now to allow the rogue spirits back on earth?

Not angels, although some of their old powers are within their grasp. Not monsters, although monsters do exist among them. Able to work miracles, but only through the agency of human belief. Grappling with goodness, wrestling with temptation -- and we're not talking metaphorically. Demon: The Fallen allows you to create an epic as wide as the World of Darkness -- and scare the hell out of a few vampires and mages while you're about it.

Both of us have been contributing to the Demon game line, including the following books.

  • Demon: the core rulebook (David -- Buy PDF)
  • The Storyteller's Companion (Kyla)
  • Fear to Tread: A series of adventures that can form an epic campaign (both -- Buy PDF)
  • The Player's Guide (both -- Buy PDF)
  • Damned and Deceived: The Book of Thralls (both -- Buy PDF, read journal)
  • Demon: The Earthbound (Kyla -- Buy PDF)
  • Houses of the Fallen (David -- Buy PDF, read journal)
  • Time of Judgment (both -- Buy PDF)


Convention Game

David ran a game of Demon at MacquarieCon in Sydney, from the 13th to the 15th of December, called the First Storm.

The First Storm

It feels like you are falling.

Below you strange shapes move in the darkness, above you there is a great fire burning.
You try to breathe. Is this hell?

What are humans doing in hell?

Once you gave everything you had for humanity. You fought the First War to save it from the stifling oppression of the Creator; the blood of angels and the torment of eons have stained your soul. Now you might have the chance to ask whether any of it was worth what you paid. But first you've got to make it through the night.

A one session adventure for five damned angels,
by David Carroll
Designed to introduce new players to Demon: The Fallen,
the latest game in the World of Darkness.
System knowledge not required

Demon: the Fallen is a trademark of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.


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