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All Flesh Must be Eaten RPG

All Flesh Must be Eaten is a game of survival horror from Eden Studios, in which it is proved you can never have enough zombies! As well as the base rules they have produced numerous popular genre books, introducing zombies into everything from the wild west to kung fu movies. Now I have written the Science Fiction genre book:

All Tomorrow's Zombies

by David Carroll and Jason Vey

All Tomorrow's ZombiesThe book covers a huge range of futures, from post-apocalyptic wastelands to space opera, and gives you all the tools to create your own. Our plan was to honour as many of our favourite SF books and movies as we could, but keep the spirit of survival horror: the characters might have the latest technology, but the zombies are all the more dangerous for it.

All Tomorrow's Zombies has received an honourable mention for best writing in the 2008 ENnie Awards.

The book is available in games shops now. You can also purchase it online from DriveThruRPG.

Chapters include:

  • Rules: cyberware and nanotech equipment, spaceships, hazardous environments, new character options, advice for creating good SF games and a lot more.
  • The Cybered Dead: Mad Max meets cyberpunk
  • The Cycle of Death: nanotechnology can save the world, but can it fight the zombies?
  • Cyber Marines and Death Scenes: Aliens meets Resident Evil
  • Virtual Armageddon: zombies go on-line
  • Death of the Alliance: grand Space Opera, complete with undead
  • Future Shock: another two deadworlds, with zombies threatening colonists on an alien world, and theatening a society that has forgotten how to fight for itself.

The book has now been reviewed by 'Game Geeks' (Kurt Wiegel) on YouTube:

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