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Lucy 'Elle' Lorenz

Background: Lucy Lorenz never wanted to be a police officer. Not that she had anything against the Force -- quite the contrary, she grew up around it, with her father and an uncle in uniform, and even her mother worked in administration. But Lucy wanted to be a maths teacher, and her natural instinct for facts and figures saw her through four years of university and two years in the field. It was hard work, and she was impatient by nature, but she strove to understand and impart some of her passion to her dubious pupils.

Two years in, on one sunny September day, it all seemed to go wrong. After managing to inadvertently insult Mr Winter, social studies teacher and Vietnam vet, into a violent frenzy, and finding the principal in a compromising position with one of her favourite students (the boy just shrugged!), she then somehow managed to stumble onto what seemed to be the school-wide drug distribution network. Shaken and not quite thinking straight, she managed to report this to exactly the wrong person, and said farewell to a promising career. About the only good news was the heroin 'found' in her bag wasn't noted on any official documents (to avoid the scandal). So perhaps she could have got another teaching position if she'd fought hard enough, but she decided to come back home instead. The Police Force, now called the Police Service, it was.

Looking back on the whole thing, she finds it all rather funny. After all, balance that with the time she stopped to help a stranded motorist to find he was one of the top ten Wanteds in Australia, complete with kidnap victim in the boot. These things happen and, more worryingly, she began to think she knew why.

More training followed, but with her mental agility and connections (and just a bit of luck) she found herself doing good work in not much time at all. Crime was changing now, and certain of the criminals were getting smarter, or at least higher-tech. Some of the criminals were getting stranger too.

This was pre-accident. Was it good luck or bad? It was raining and the neon glowed and blurred, and she spun on the wheel of fortune as the life bled out of her and the Funnelweb, who Lucy knew as Dian Smith, laughed and made a wager with Lucy, bet her lifeblood against two pieces of silver. Lucy lost the bet, but it didn't matter because she grabbed the spike at the top of the wheel and, its rotation already unsteady, broke the axle and sent herself spinning. Henchmen scattered, chains broke, a shot was fired, she grabbed a knife and backup was suddenly there. Faint with loss of blood, she sat in the abandoned arcade and ignored the fight around her. Instead she watched the blinking lights on the games of chance, and came to understand something. Further, she understood that maybe it was time that a stranger breed of criminals demanded a stranger breed of cop.

Quote: "Chaos is not disorder, quite the opposite. Even if each individual element appears random, the whole forms a pattern that is precise. As for where the ransom note fits into the puzzle -- well, let's see..."

Personality: 'Chance favours only the prepared mind -- Louis Pasteur'. This quote is to be found opposite Lucy Lorenz's desk in her office -- as if more a reminder to herself than an aphorism for those she deals with.

In person, Lucy has something of a reputation as an ice maiden, and there is more to it than the standard perception of women in authority. She treats her responsibility to those who serve her, and to those she serves, with sincerity. And because she knows the strange turns that life can take, she treats those she knows with some amount of care. But beyond that reserve she can be friendly and genuinely enthused, even impulsive -- and always open to a social game of cards. One of her passions is live theatre, and she catches as many performances, from small and arty to large and musical, as she can (sometimes difficult with her public persona), whereas John Steinbeck and Peter Carey are her authors of choice. She doesn't play favourites within the group, but privately she most admires Bob's effortless charm and easy manner. Of course it was Bob (aka Ex Machina) who started calling her Elle, which is probably why she doesn't mind it that much. Her superhero tag means 'freak', and she chose it over Judy White's proposals of Lucid and Fait, which are more precise (whereas she is always Lady Luck in a headline). She said 'Lusus' sounds better.

Powers/Tactics: Lusus' powers are hard to define, and in a sense it is simply the power of perception. Since her moment of clarity she has been able to observe and understand the flow of seemingly random events well enough to anticipate and react to them with supernatural speed. But this does not mean she simply throws herself into combat (one of the most chaotic of situations) whenever possible -- Kankatha and Tiger remain the first line of attack. Lucy tends to act as required, finding weaknesses in defence, trying to anticipate surprises. Indeed, the more reckless she is with her 'power', the more likely unanticipated things seem to be, though she naturally does not shirk in moments of need.

Appearance: Lucy is a fit woman in her early thirties, 5'11" with tanned skin and strawberry blonde hair. In uniform she remains the most conservative of the team (Ex Machina loses out with the hat), with a simple black battle suit, including her baton at the belt. Out of uniform she generally prefers a neat suit and silver earrings.

15STR 53d6, 200 kg
17DEX21OCV: 6 /DCV: 6
10BODY 0
28INT18PER Roll: 17- *
17EGO14ECV: 6
15PRE 5PRE Attack: 3d6
10COM 0
6PD 3
5ED 2
8SPD53Phases: 2 3 5 6 8 9 11 12
6REC 0
30END 0
26STUN 0

* Modifiers for enhanced perception already added

Total Costs
Char: 131 + Powers: 139 = Total: 270
Base: 100 + Disad: 170 = Total: 270

4Baton: +3d6 HA (OAF), 6d6 total1
5Missile Deflection (OCV: 17), arrows and projectiles, with baton (OAF)-
18Protective Suit: Armor (+10 PD/+8 ED), OIF-
5Lack of Weakness (-5)-
6Enhanced Perception: +2 PER rolls-
-2-1" Running (5" total)1
20Find Weakness (baton strike) 13-
3Lightning Calculator
20Luck: 4d6
16Martial Arts - baton
Strike0+28d6 strike
Block+2+2Block, abort
Disarm-1+1Disarm, STR 25
Dodge+0+5Dodge, affects all attacks, abort
Investigative Skills
3Skill Levels: +1 w/ Investigative Skills
3Criminology 16-
3Tactics 16-
3Deduction 16-
Technical Skills
15Gambling+6 17-
3Cryptography 15-
3Security Systems 15-
3Combat Driving 12-
1Familiarity w/ Computer Programming 8-
Background Skills
3Science (Mathematics) 15-
2KS: Theatre 11-
2CK: Sydney 11-
20Hunted (Campaign)
20Hunted (Funnelweb)
20Psych: Takes responsibility for the group very seriously (common, total)
10Psych: Loyal to police culture (uncommon, strong)
10Psych: Uncomfortable in public attention (common, moderate)
10Psych: Cannot resist an intellectual challenge (uncommon, strong)
10Public Identity (Lucy Lorenz)
10Reputation (cold and brilliant)
5Rivalry with Phoenix
20Unluck: 4d6
10Vuln: 2x STUN from sonics
5Vuln: 1½x effect from flash attacks


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