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I was born and live in Sydney, Australia, have attended the University of Technology, Sydney, and hold a degree in applied mathematics and computing. I currently work as a computer programmer for ANSTO, as well as doing freelance writing for a variety of projects.

Writing: Fiction

I am a co-author of the novel Prismatic, under the name Edwina Grey. In addition I have written quite a number of short stories over the years, and received two honorable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series, from Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, for 'Wild Thing' and 'Relish'. Recent appearances have been in Ticonderoga Online with The Grail, as well as the anthologies Daikaiju!, Southern Blood, Agog! and Passing Strange. Other places I have contributed to include The Blue Lady, Rictus, Cold Cuts and Verso.

Writing: Game related

I have also written material for the RPG field. My book All Tomorrow's Zombies from Eden Studios is now available, and I have done extensive work for White Wolf, where I contributed to the Demon and Hunter game lines. I have done work for Gold Rush Games, where I have co-written Nanbanjin: Southern Barbarians (unreleased), and provided editorial assistance with other books for Sengoku. As well as these, I have GMed and played a range of other games, including:

Mage, Vampire, Unknown Armies, D&D (Planescape, Ravenloft and Eberron), Champions, Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu

Writing: Non-fiction

I have written a lot of non-fiction, mostly concerning the horror genre, as well as comics, SF and other fields. I have a regular column in Black magazine, contributed to the Stephen King Information Newsletter (Picking the Bones), and produced my own zines back in the day, Burnt Toast and Tabula Rasa (with Kyla Ward). Also with Kyla, I contributed to the BFI Companion to Horror, edited by Kim Newman.

I have also written book, film and comic reviews, conducted interviews and written articles for a number of publications, including:

Severed Head
Skinned Alive
Golden Age
Plexus (University)
Newswit (University)
Dark Circus (Doctor Who)
Data Extract (Doctor Who)
I created the Horror Atlas and Horror Reference, once hosted on the Cabinet of Dr Casey.

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