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(Or, at least, asked more than once). Some of these are based on plot descriptions submitted to the IMDB.

What does tabula rasa mean?

It is Latin for 'blank slate', implying something newly formed, without preconceptions, and often used in describing certain theories of behaviourism. We're more interested in its connotations to historical research and horror. The first is a reminder to remain objective, the second is evocative of zombies and Frankenstein's monster — mindless creatures subject to their creator's will, or innocents beset by the horror of their creation. Also, it sounds funky.

Is Picnic at Hanging Rock based on a true story?

No. There is no evidence that any girls went missing as described in the story, however there is some conjecture that the original novel was based on a less mysterious scandal of some sort. For more information see the Peter Weir interview.

Is Nosferatu (1922) the original Dracula movie?

No. There is evidence of a European movie called Drakula released a year or two before Nosferatu, though there is little information about it, let alone an existing copy. It quite possibly concerns the historical figure rather than being an adaptation of Stoker's novel.

Can you help me find a video?

We get a fair few requests for this. For older Australian horror movies, the best best is to keep an eye out on eBay. Many were released on VHS in the American market, and some are still floating around second hand (but make sure you can play NTSC videos if you're in Australia and buying from the US!) Not a lot have been released on DVD, but there are some interesting ones out there — some of them in Australia even. For horror movies, you're better off checking Amazon (don't forget for the British market) to see what's available, or try your luck with google. Not that I recommend buying from Amazon — there's generally cheaper and nicer option available. For more obscure things, I probably won't be much help, sorry.

So, what didn't you write?

Funny you should ask. Kyla didn't write the opera Whitsunday, nor anything from Demon: Houses of the Fallen, despite being credited as doing so in various places. David didn't write anything in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

What does Yseda stand for?

Nothing. Eight people had to agree on a name. After four hours, suggestions were getting wild, and we all liked the sound of this one. Any acronyms came after the fact.

What about Ashamel?

Actually, it's a reference to an old D&D campaign — Ashamel being the god of Fortune and Death in the pantheon of Unua. Long story. Now we use it as an ID on eBay and various forums.


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