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In the sound of the bell of the Gion Temple echoes the impermanence of all things. The pale hue of the flowers of the teak-tree show the truth that those who prosper must fall. The proud ones do not last long, but vanish like a spring night's dream. And the mighty ones too will perish in the end, like dust before the wind.
The Tale of the Heike
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Sengoku is a game from Gold Rush Games that combines the intricacies of politics, the clash of swords and the wonder of magic, set in the war-torn lands of 16th century Japan. The setting is unlike any other RPG currently on the market. An epic sweep, a rich mythology but also a loving attention to the pragmatic realities of history create an immediate and compelling game.

As well as all the familiar tropes of the western medieval setting, it allows a diversity of challenges (from court etiquette to class taboos, and poetry competitions) and encourages the exploration of an unfamiliar mindset.

We have written two books for the game line, as presented below. Note that neither yet has a set date of release.

Nanbanjin: Southern Barbarians

by David Carroll and Kyla Ward

(Or, what happens when a crusader meets a samurai.)

In 1542 the first Europeans landed in Japan, leading to a century of uncertain interaction, with an obtuse combination of idealism and greed on both sides. This was the period of the first global voyages, when countries like Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands were intent on the souls and riches of the world, as Europe itself struggled with the Reformation and Renaissance. In Japan they found a country that could not be approached on any but its own terms.

Nanbanjin: Southern Barbarians will allow you to play one of these early voyagers, from the missionaries and merchants to sailors, soldiers and slaves. New equipment, new magic (including alchemy and Christian mysticism), 27 templates, nautical adventuring, and deep, deep cultural divides.

Sengoku Live

by Kyla Ward

Sitting round the table not enough? Yearning to put on court robes and declaim loudly? Sengoku Live provides a set of simple and elegant rules for taking your campaign to the local scout hall. Transform the hall (or just your lounge room) into a daimyô's court, a Buddhist temple or a busy port as from 8 to 40 people ply their skills of politicking and intrigue. The book includes skill resolution, combat, magic, character conversion from Sengoku, costuming tips, notes on designing and GMing games, plus a sample adventure, The Siege of Spider Tower.

Just remember, shinobi never dress as shinobi...

Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan, Nanbanjin: Southern Barbarians and Sengoku Live are trademarks of Gold Rush Games. Used with permission. Sengoku copyright 1999 by Gold Rush Games. All rights reserved.


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