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Rex de Grier Presents Another Feast of the Imagination

The Labyrinth
of Madness

The images twist in your mind, the signs burn into your flesh, and somewhere beneath you, your friend lies trapped
The first participants to complete the following tasks will be well rewarded for their guile and skill
Upon the acquisition of the twentieth sigil
Upon the rescue of Sorril
Upon the destruction of Im-Ravin
Furthermore, all participants who pass into the Grand Chamber will have all initial monies invested in this entertainment returned to them
Previous quests still playable at Reduced cost
White Plume Mountain · Pharaoh · Tomb of Horrors · Ravenloft

Rex de Grier's Egg of Wonder · Deva St, our Lady's Ward


[Note: Yes, this is real, the Egg operated using the power of a tabaxi dream hunter called Meuronna...]

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