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The RPG Index

by Kyla Ward

This is a chronological listing of articles concerned with roleplaying that have appeared in the Australian press. Some of these publications are international, some exclusively Australian. For those interested, the great majority of these publications are available in the State Library of New South Wales.

The list is not complete, and has a distinct East Coast bias. Anyone who can fill in any holes, or who is aware of yet other articles to appear in the Australian press, is welcome to contact me.

  • 'Confessions of a Dungeon Master', J E Holmes, Psychology Today, November 1980. This article should be read by every gamer for sheer enjoyment. Dr Holmes was, as the article acknowledges, editor of the D&D Basic Rulebook.
  • Letters, Psychology Today, March 1981.
  • 'Dungeons and Dragons Craze', J Langone, Discover, January 1981.
  • 'D&D: A Fantasy Fad or Dabbling in the Demonic?' P T Elshof, Christianity Today, 1981.
  • 'Beware of the Wargamers When Tin Soldiers March', R Reines, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 18 1983. Covers the Tin Soldier Wargames Convention. Jim Adams and Sue Nicholson are interviewed and there's a cute picture of both Jim and Robert Prior.
  • 'Kids Culture Part 2 : Dungeons and Dragons', D Smith, The National Times, February 3 - 9 1984. Interviews John Davies and Sue Nicholson.
  • 'Dungeons and Dragons, Playing With Fire', Rev. L Johnson, Australian Church Record, April 1984
  • 'Dungeons Lures Children From God: Study', O Fernley, The Age, 12 May 1984
  • 'Holland Blasted Germany But It Was All In Fun', P Clark, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 June 1985. Covers the Tin Soldier Wargames Convention.
  • 'Critics Link a Fantasy Game to 29 Deaths', W G Shuster, Christianity Today, 24(8) 1985.
  • 'Maths Game or Study of the Occult?', G Burgess, The Times (Perth), ?? November 1985.
  • 'Game Disturbing to Youth, claims Rev', B Forrest, The Herald, May 6 1986
  • 'Off-The-Shelf Fantasy and Why it's Capturing our Kids', B Boswell, The Weekend Australian, May 31 - June 1 1986. Also covers the Fighting Fantasy books and computer games.
  • 'The Triangle of Death', J Larkin, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 18 1986.
  • 'Sometimes Reality can Drive You into the Light Fantastic', Anna-Maria Dell'oso, Good Weekend, 13 September 1986
  • 'Man's Other Personality was Killer of Close Friend, Jury Told', Anon. The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 October 1986. The trial of Maurice Huish.
  • 'Satan at Work or Just a Game? A Judgement Avoided', A Gill, The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 October 1986. Reports on discussions at the 1986 Anglican Church Synod.
  • R. V. Maurice Edmund David Huish: Reasons for Judgement, J. Wright, Tasmanian Supreme Court, Oct 21, 1986. Well, maybe not a publication per se, but interesting reading.
  • 'A Quiet Afternoon's Mayhem', P Sheil, The Sydney Morning Herald, Metro, October 31 1986. References the Australian 60 Minutes episode.
  • 'The Moral Screws are Being Tightened on Books and Films', M Visontay, 6 December 1986. Focuses on the activities of the Rev. Fred Nile.
  • 'Dungeons and Dragons, the Game of Death', Anon. ?? 1986. Interviews Steve Mason. I have never been able to properly identify this article, given to me as a crumpled, tightly-cropped original by a contributor who though it might have been the Daily Mirror.
  • 'Black Knight's Blood Aids Fear', Anon, The Daily Telegraph, ?? 1988. Again one I have never been able to identify, but special. Apparently police were hunting a 'Sir Ivanhoe' who was running adds inviting people to 'Vampire (d&d) dinner parties'. They wouldn't have been so worried if he hadn't previously run adds offering to buy human blood.
  • 'Play it for Fun and Keep your Head,', Bruce Lee, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 1989. Necronomicon. The reference is to Robert Prior's 'Alice in Wonderland' freeform. Picture of Cathy Simpson as the Dormouse and another cute picture of Robert Prior.
  • 'Fantasy Roams Free, Dungeon, Dragons in the Streets', Anon, The Daily Telegraph, 15 April 1990. Sydcon, with nice pictures of Glen Reynolds and Kerry Hinge.
  • 'Lake Cemetery 'Game' Stopped', Anon. The Newcastle Morning Herald, ?? October 1990. I note the following correction to the article, on the advice of those concerned. They were playing Call of Cthulhu in the cemetery. They said D&D to save time explaining.
  • 'Fantasy Games Turned Me into a Monster', J Eldridge, Take A Break, 6 October, 1990.
  • 'Rescuing the Innocent : The Lure of Dungeons and Dragons', C Caywood, School Library Journal, In the YA Corner, March 1991.
  • 'The Devil in the Library,' R D Hicks, School Library Journal, In the YA Corner, April 1991.
  • 'Some Mind Games Executives Can Play', H Robinson, The Australian Financial Review, 25 November 1991.
  • 'Battlefield of the Bizarre -- Mind Games Test Intelligence in this Milieu of the Weird', H Robinson, The Australian, 27 November 1991.
  • 'Call to Censor Scary Game', L Morris and K Bissett, The Telegraph Mirror, December 19 1991.
  • 'Is Satan Hiding in the Games Room?', Kathleen Hickie and Karin Bishop, The Sydney Morning Herald, December 19 1991.
  • 'Board Games, Evil or Fun?', anon. Blacktown City Guardian, January 16 1992.
  • Letters, Blacktown City Guardian, Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 27 1992
  • 'Kylie, God Reign on Campus', E Wynhausen, The Sun Herald, March 1 1992. And the Sydney University gaming club.
  • 'Peace Gets the Dungeons and Dragons Treatment', Claire O'Rourke, Sydney Morning Herald, Nov 27, 2001

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