The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy

Fourth Annual Volume

Edited by Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt

The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, FourPaperback 198 mm x 128 mm (7¾ in x 5 in), 228 pages.
ISBN 978-0-9757736-3-5
RRP $19.95 (inc GST)
(Published October 2008)

Recommended Reading: 2007

  • Astruc, R. J., 'The Perfume Eater', Strange Horizons, July 2007
  • Ball, Peter M., 'Avenue D: The Tankboy's Ride', Antipodean SF 107
  • Battersby, Lee, 'Beached', Daikaiju 3: Giant Monsters vs the World
  • Boschetti, Fabio, 'Scientifically Proven', The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  • Brown, Simon, 'Adjudication', The Workers' Paradise
  • Burrage, Nathan, Black and Bitter, Thanks', The Workers' Paradise
  • C.A.L., 'Fate of Words', Borderlands 9
  • Campisi, Stephanie, 'The Ringing Sound of Death on the Water Tank', In Bad Dreams
  • Carson, Brendan, 'The Omensetter and the Hu Lijing', Shadow Plays
  • Chrulew, Matthew, 'How I Learned to Keep Tidy', ASIM 31
    • 'Between the Memories', Aurealis 38/39
    • & Boer, Roland, 'Rapturama', The Workers' Paradise
  • Conyers, David, 'From the Sick Trees', Cthulhu Australis Part 1
    • 'Weapon Grade', The Spiraling Worm
  • Daniells, Rowena Cory, 'Magda's Career Choice', The Workers' Paradise
  • Dann, Jack, 'Café Culture', Asimov's SF, January 2007
    • 'The Nerve Garden', Promised Land: Stories of Another America
  • Davidson, Rjurik, 'Night with the Stars Askew', The Workers' Paradise
  • Dedman, Stephen, 'Sufficently Advanced', New Ceres 2
  • Dowling, Terry, 'The Suits at Auderlene', Inferno
    • 'The Bull of September', Rynemonn
  • Dugan, Grace, 'Knowledge', Interzone 211
  • Egan, Greg, 'Dark Integers', Asimov's SF, October-November 2007
    • 'Steve Fever', Technology Review, November-December 2007
  • Fallon, Jennifer, 'Demons of Fear', ASIM 27
  • Flinthart, Dirk, 'The Garden of the Djinn', ASIM 31
    • 'Networking for Dummies', The Workers' Paradise
  • Forsyth, Kate, 'The Knowledge of Angels', ASIM 27
  • Green, Clinton, 'Trepanation', Flashspec Vol 2
  • Guerney, Thomas Benjamin, 'The Knight, Squire, Maiden and Beast', Lifted Brow 2
  • Harris, Jeff, 'Working Stiffs', Zombies
  • Hood, Robert, 'Flesh and Bone', Daikaiju 3: Giant Monsters vs the World
    • 'Dear Mary', Conflux 4: Heroes From Near and Afar Program
    • 'Pseudomelia of the Masses', The Workers' Paradise
  • Isle, Sue, 'Stranger and Sojourner', Orb 7
    • 'The Sun People', Shiny 1
  • Jennings, Kathleen, 'Long Time Passing', Antipodean SF 104
  • Kemble, Gary, 'Dear Air', Zombies
  • Livings, Martin, 'There Was Darkness', Fantastic Wonder Stories
  • Love, Penelope, 'Whitey', Shadow Plays
  • Love, Rosaleen, 'No Man's Land', The Wiscon Chronicles
  • MacDibble, Bren, 'A Complete Refabrication', Orb 7
  • Maclean, Kevin G., 'Fendraaken', ASIM 30
  • Maloney, Geoffrey, 'The Catherine Wheel', New Writings in the Fantastic, October 2007
  • Maric, Karen, 'The Last Deflowerer', ASIM 32
  • McDonnell, Deborah, 'Brolga Dreaming', Fantastic Wonder Stories
  • McHugh, Ian, 'Requiem in D Minor', Hub 24
  • McKiernan, Andrew, 'Calliope: A Steam Romance', Shadow Plays
  • McMahon, Chris, 'The Eyes of Erebus', Daikaiju 2: Revenge of the Giant Monsters
  • McMullen, Sean, 'The Twilight Year', The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2008
  • Moore, Jarrah, 'Horse of Souls', Aurealis 38/39
  • Payne, Ben, 'Inside', Ticonderoga 11
  • Pham, Hoa, 'Mara', Borderlands 9
  • Pitchforth, Richard, 'Transplant', Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane
  • Roberts, Tansy Rayner, 'The Bluebell Vengeance', ASIM 28
  • Rolfe, Tracey, 'Cast Off', Fantastic Wonder Stories
  • Saunders, Shaun A., 'A Fine Madness ', Navigating in the New World
    • 'The World Is A Very Dangerous Place, Dear', Navigating in the New World
    • 'What else but War ', Navigating in the New World
  • Slatter, Angela, 'Little Green Apples', Antipodean SF 110
  • Sparks, Cat, 'The Bride Price', New Ceres 2
    • 'Hollywood Roadkill', On Spec No 69
  • Stephenson, Robert N., 'Them', Zombies
  • Strasser, Dirk, 'Primal', Aurealis 38/39
  • Tremble, Mark, 'Access', Antipodean SF 112
  • Wardle, Susan, 'Arianne's Event', The Workers' Paradise
  • Warren, Kaaron, 'His Lipstick Minx', The Workers' Paradise
    • 'Polish', ASIM 28
    • 'Cooling the Crows', In Bad Dreams
  • Williams, Sean, Cenotaxis, Cenotaxis - Monkeybrain Books
    • 'Midnight in the Café of the Black Madonna', Doctor Who: Short Trips: Destination Prague
    • 'Signs of Death', Light Bodies Falling

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