A Tour Guide in Utopia

Stories by Lucy Sussex

A Tour Guide in Utopia, by Lucy SussexPaperback 205 mm x 135 mm (8 in x 51/4 in), 268 pages.
ISBN 0975785206
RRP $24.95 (Aust $, inc GST)
Published August 2005

'La Sentinelle'
Winner, Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy story
Winner, Ditmar Award for Best novelette or novella

'A remarkable fusion of form and content, and an amazingly sure-footed journey along the very edge of uncertainty.' Peter McNamara

'...accomplished, moving, highly charged and thoroughly enjoyable.' Aurealis

The first collection in fifteen years from one of Australia's major speculative fiction talents. A Tour Guide in Utopia contains a number of award-winning stories, such as 'La Sentinelle', and 'Merlusine'.

Epic, ethereal and earthy; stories of strong and funny characters full of human foibles; stories about ideas. Stories that walk you to the edge of the comfortable world and set your feet along the invisible line. Smart and compelling, inventive and challenging, this is speculative fiction at its very best.

Take a walk with a master story-teller; your world won't be the same when next you open your eyes.


  • Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies
  • The Queen of Erewhon
  • The Gloaming
  • La Sentinelle
  • A Tour Guide in Utopia
  • Kay and Phil
  • The Lottery
  • The Ghost of Mrs Rochester
  • Merlusine
  • Frozen Charlottes
  • Runaways
  • Absolute Uncertainty
With a new Afterword by the author.

Praise for Lucy Sussex:

'I really, really enjoyed the book. It was an absolute page-turner, as well as a lovely mystery yarn.' Karen Joy Fowler on The Scarlet Rider.

'The impulse to cheer is irresistable...' Mary Gentle, reviewing My Lady Tongue.

'Lucy Sussex is all style.' Stephanie Dowrick, reviewing My Lady Tongue.

'This collection of stories is as crisp and crunchy as the best party nibbles—savoury, surprisingly nourishing, and making imaginative use of exotic ingredients.' The West Australian, review of My Lady Tongue.

'Overall, this is one of the most impressive debut collections since someone first dared to gather the tales of Howard Waldrop.' Locus magazine, reviewing My Lady Tongue.

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