MirrorDanse Books

An independent Australian publisher of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy

MirrorDanse Books
81 Leura Mall,
Leura NSW 2780

ABN: 11 393 511 580

Phone: +61 2 4784 2287

Terms of Trade: Booksellers and other retailers
40% trade discount, 30 Days Net. Stock older than one year from date of first publication is firm sale only. New titles are returnable at the expense of the retailer for credit (or repayment) for a period of twelve months from the month of publication.

No minimum order. Orders below $50 retail price will attract a $3 surcharge.

In all cases, title in goods remains with MirrorDanse Books until invoice is paid and funds clear.

MirrorDanse Books is an independent press based in Chatswood and the Blue Mountains, NSW, dedicated to supporting both new and established authors, and to publishing the best in Australian speculative fiction.

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