by Greg Egan

illustrated by Shaun Tan

Our Lady of ChernobylPaperback 128mm x
196mm, 112 pages.
ISBN 0646232304
(Published 1995)

Out of Print

MirrorDanse Books was proud to publish Greg Egan's first independent press collection. Each story was illustrated by World-Fantasy award winning artist, Shaun Tan, in one of his first book assignments. Our Lady Of Chernobyl was limited to 500 copies and quickly went out of print. As well as a bibliography correct until the time of publication, it contained the stories:

  • Chaff (Interzone 78)
  • Beyond the Whistle Test (Analog November 1989)
  • Transition Dreams (Interzone 76)
  • Our Lady of Chernobyl (Interzone 83)

For fans: 'Chaff', 'Transition Dreams', and 'Our Lady of Chernobyl' have since been included in the Orion/Gollancz collection, Luminous. The ISBN of the paperback edition of that collection is 1857985737.

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