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Tabula Rasa

Horror Crossword

by David Carroll

You can now solve this crossword electronically. See the bottom of the page. For a more recent example, see the AHWA Crossword #1.

First appeared in the Australian 'zine Severed Head#16, 1998


1 Mayfair Witch found in narrow angle (5)
4 Top-rating, quiet button, input/output place producing films for the US, and everywhere else (1, 1, 1, 6)
9 Graphical user interface long returns to violent spectacle (7)
10 Disease puts mystic line around prostitutes (7)
11 Saffron-robed royalty in chambers (3, 4, 2, 6)
12 & 19 A mannequin museum (or something more sinister) confused a foe, who sux (5, 2, 3)
13 Stephen King deletion (without head or I) of his crew (8)
17 Initial estimated time of arrival for early Nineteenth Century writer (8)
19 See 12 across
23 Amorous vessel heads towards its residence without me, full of indescribable horrors (6, 9)
25 Destroyer is in line for a venereal disease (7)
26 SF author repeat slight cut (7)
27 Antipodeans are missing an anthology (with unseen terror) (9)
28 Rodent city returns to shrine (5)


1 Roy Orbison receives writer's aid (6)
2 A hit in two directions and reverse the flow for RPGers (5, 4)
3 So, I see nun returns with Clive Barker's powers (7)
4 State (without proof) that a leg is found in the beer (6)
5 Loki and Pan's cavorting with underage girl (8)
6 To pedal furiously for best bargain (3, 4)
7 First dice throw is oddly amusing (5)
8 Donny, wax lyrically about semi-precious baton (4, 4)
14 Believer in final death arranges endless Satan tithe (9)
15 Weird Al, her hot French monster (3, 5)
16 50 found in crazy fun and sex position, but no flowers are to be seen (8)
18 Water-bound Russian capital stopeth one of three (7)
20 Starts Henry screaming in agony after half fucked shrub (7)
21 Stops every second day, view rites (6)
22 Nothing replaces a good vampire killer, he wrote (6)
24 The surf weaves without direction (5)

This crossword is available in Across Format. Instructions:

1. Download and install Across Lite.
2. Save this file: horror.puz
3. Open the puzzle file in Across Lite.

Note that the solution is currently encrypted. If you want to check your answer, I can email you the unlocking key.


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