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Worlds Away

Artwork © D. A. Kerr
All rights reserved

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Worlds Away #1, March 2003

Story & Art by D. A. Kerr

Worlds Away is a manga styled comic that started in January 2003 as a webcomic, and tells the story of ordinary lives turned upside down by extraordinary events. It is a character driven story with sci-fi themes and is my homage to manga titles such as Tenchi Muyo and Oh My Goddess.

It is an ongoing story that tells the story of Alex, escaping from the city to a small coutry town after the death of his parents, and Sarah, a bored resident of that same town. When Anya, a visitor from outerspace, falls from the sky into Alex's backyard, his life will never be the same again!

While Anya is stranded on Earth, events back in space start to overtake our characters, and may result in them leaving their little sleepy town and setting out on a journey that will take them further than any of them ever imagined.

--Dave Kerr

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