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Something Wicked

Artwork © Simon Sherry
All rights reserved

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Something Wicked, 2005

Compiled by Troy Kealley
Front cover by Simon Sherry

A 100-page anthology of horror stories.
  • Crave..., by Aaron Burgess
  • Wolf, by Dan Best and Andrew Finlayson
  • In the Blood, by Adam Kealley and Caanan Graal
  • Ghost Story, by Nick Margerison and Hayden Fryer
  • Captive Audience, by Stephen Lopich and Daniel Gibbs
  • Fly Away Home, by Liz Argall and Joe Whyte
  • Graveyard Shift, by Liz Argall and Maggie McFee
  • The Boat, by Andrew Kubicki and Matt Elder
  • Rogues of the Cove, by Michael Connolly
  • Buckled Friendship, by Mike Delight
  • Nuclear Metamorphosis, by Owen Nicholls
  • Zombies Girlfriend, by Liz Argall and Simon Sherry, adapted from lyrics by Baterz
  • The Tale of Miss Penelope, by Liz Argall and Matt Huynh (Stikman)
  • Boring, by Edward J. Grug
  • Rock Zombie, by Thomas Carter
  • The Record, by Christian Read and Tonia Walden
  • Meat Puppet, by Liz Argall and Troy Kealley

Wolf also appeared in DeeVee: Flange. It was followed by Something Weird.


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