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Repeat Offender

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Repeat Offender, 2003

by Aaron Burgess

I had always wanted to do a comic in less than a day, but never had any reason to. But that morning when I woke up, turned on the tellie and saw the first news coverage of the US surgical strike on Saddam, it hit me. I watched as the news repeated the same footage for hours, and I realised that I finally found a reason to produce a comic in less than 24 hours.

Repeat Offender is not an anti-war/US comic, it's how I felt the media were trying to outdo each other for the audience ratings. It was made quickly, and taken to be photocopied the same day. It's not a masterpiece, or even well written, but it's an honest account of my reaction to what I was watching on tellie at the time.

--Aaron Burgess


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