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Jaeger #1, 1998

Story and art
by Tanya Nicholls
Published by Storm Publishing

I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at New South Wales University, and attended various creative writing and novel writing courses since 1989. Currently I work for the Government, In my spare time (what little I get!) I like to write and illustrate novels and comic books. With my husband Owen, I manage my own company, Storm Publishing, as an outlet for my creativity. We have one child, a 2 year old daughter named Toralan.

I have been writing and drawing since I was very small. I remember putting together tiny books when I was only 5 years old. Not being a great fan of outdoor games and activities, I spent a lot of time working on these little tales. My early stories were about elves and pixies, and I still have some, although I doubt they’ll ever see the light of day again!

As I grew older, my stories graduated to science fiction, or more precisely science fantasy. I loved books about children with psychic powers. One of my favourite TV shows was the Tomorrow People, and I remember illustrating lots lot little comic books about them. I was a huge fan of Dr Who as well, and I still have a couple of Dr Who comics I put together when I was 13. I keep them for sentimental value only.

I am still writing science fantasy stories, although I have tried a number of different genres along the way; horror, crime, historical, romance, children’s and the just plain weird. Ideas come from all sorts of places; movies, TV shows, books, comics. I see a scene I like, and I speculate on all the ways it could turn out differently. But mostly I get my ideas out of my head, where they form from stories I’ve already written. One day I hope to be published, although I fear that day is still a long way off. I can’t paper my walls with rejection letters yet, but I’m getting there. I’m currently exploring the possibility of self-publishing over the Internet. I have about 30 books under my belt, and I would really like to share them with the rest of the world. They were written out of love, not because some editor was breathing down my neck, demanding my next release.

The Jaeger series parallels my novels, borrowing tidbits from these 30-odd books. I expand on situations and explore possible interactions between characters that never actually met in the novels. Many of the characters that show up in the Jaeger series appear in one or more of my books. It takes longer to put my ideas down in comic form than it does in novel form, but I enjoy illustrating the characters, and watching them develop in appearance as well as personality.

I have experimented with cartooning as well, and when I was 15-16, I filled about 20 exercise books with jokes about a bunch of mad scientists. One day I hope to redraw the best ones (silly me put them all on lined paper!), and gather them in a book. Since then I’ve drawn some historical cartoons, “Pros and Cons – the Disorganised Criminals”, and a number of strange jokes I filed under the banner “Tales from the Peanut Gallery”.

-- Tanya Nicholls

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