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The Ink

Artwork © Doug Holgate
All rights reserved

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The Ink #1, August 2003

Edited by Aaron Burgess
Cover by Doug Holgate
FlatFly Media

An anthology of comics about music.

Issue one contents:

  • I Believe, by Gabriel Fua
  • TLC, by David Tang
  • Bad Seed, Troy Kealley (starring Nick Cave!)
  • Sweet Bird of Truth, by Christopher Brunton (lyrics by Matt Johnson)
  • Contractually Obliged, by Christian Read and Garth Jones
  • I am Sickened by Pop Culture, by Bernie Slater
  • Isolation Room, by Bobby Nenadovic
  • Karma, by Talnon
  • Riffin' to Oblivion, by Ian C. Thomas
  • So you Wanna be a Rock n' Roll Star!?, by David Hodson
  • FMDJ, by Scott Johnson
  • Biffo the Clown, by Jase
  • Untitled, by Laura Battista
  • Sax Appeal, by Matt Bayliss
  • Back cover by Aaron Burgess

Issue two contents:

  • Cover by Bobby Nenadovic
  • It's my Favourite Song Let's Dance, by Emma-Jean Stewart
  • Another Day in the City, by Doug Holgate + Scott Fraser
  • Untitled (Jimi Hendrix), by Martin Humphreys
  • Untitled (Sold Out), by Matt Huynh
  • Sasha's Song part 1, by Troy Kealley
  • This is the Sound, by Angelica East
  • Night Songs, by Aaron Burgess
  • Riffin' to Oblivion part 2, by Ian C. Thomas
  • The Food of Love, by Bernard Caleo
  • Young punk singer tries very hard, by Bernie Slater
  • FMDJ, by Scott Johnson
  • The Bird and the Nightingale, by Tonia Walden
  • Fable of a Broken Heart, by STiKMAN and DoDaDa jam (Matt Huynh)
  • Isolation Room part 2, by Bobby Nenadovic
  • Love Song, by Edward J. Grug III
  • The Music Lover, by Ryan Vella
  • Wanky Solo, by David Blumstein
  • Biffo the Clown in 'A Star is Born', by Jase
  • Uncredited Musicians, by Daniel McKeown + Jeremy MacPherson
  • So you Wanna be a Rock n' Roll Star!? 2, by Dave Hodson

Issue three contents:

  • Cover by Ian C Thomas
  • Basic Wage Kids, by Owen Heitmann
  • Riffin' to Oblivion part 3, by Ian C. Thomas
  • Sasha's Song part 2, by Troy Kealley
  • The Klaatu Controvery, by Jeremy Macpherson
  • Hollow in "Birdie", by Aaron Burgess
  • B-Boy + Winston the Duck, by Edward J Grug III
  • The People You Meet, by David Bird and Michael Nason (a story)
  • Isolation Room part 3, by Bobby Nenadovic
  • Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Chris Wahl
  • What's in a Name, by Tonia Walden
  • Song so Uncertain, by Liz Argall and Steve Martinez
  • Resume, by David Witteveen
  • What's New Pussycat?, by Talitha Nonveiller
  • Missed Dreams, by Hayden Fryer
  • Musical Giant, by Michael Connolly
  • Citys Siren, by Scott Johnson
  • Pied Piper, by Gavin Thomson
  • plus art by Doug Holgate and Jase Harper.

The Ink came about through several trips to local CD stores. The first was when I was inquiring about getting comics stocked at one shop, and they asked if the comics would be music related. The second time was when I was just looking around and realised just how vast the audience market is. Children, teens, adults. All these people in the same place basically looking for one thing, music! And to meet this varied market I figured there could be no better way to do a comic of this sort than as an anthology.

—Aaron Burgess

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