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Crab Allan

Artwork © L. Frank Weber
All rights reserved

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Crab Allan, 2002

Created, written and drawn
by L. Frank Weber
Icon Comics

A graphic novel released in 2002. In Autumn 2006, a smaller adventure was published by Sure Shot Presents, Crab Allan: Gothic Boogaloo.

Crab Allan is my first attempt to acheive a variety of goals that will hopefully point a way for others. Firstly, to tell the American comics Empire that has kept Australian talent nipped in the bud for so long: "Here's just a small sampling of what we can really do, I hope for your sake you can do better under our circumstances." Secondly, provide some form of culture for a country that thinks culture is either a sport or a brand of butter. And thirdly, provide an evolutionary catalyst that will finally put away with the "wimpy" 24 page comic pamphlet and garner in its next stage, namely the Graphic Novel.


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