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"Is it my fate always to hear that name? Señor Zorro, eh? Mister Fox, in other words! He imagines, I take it, that he is as cunning as one-- He runs up and down the length of El Camino Real like a goat of the high hills! He wears a mask, and he flashes a pretty blade, they tell me. He uses the point of it to carve his hated letter 'Z' in the cheek of his foe! Hah! The Mark of Zorro they are calling it!" -- Sergeant Gonzales

The World of Zorro is an upcoming game from Gold Rush Games, set in nineteenth century California, when Spain still has sovereignty over this land of dreams. But here corruption is endemic, and all hope seems lost for the people toiling under their harsh masters, until one man dares to take up his sword against the oppressors. In the game you may play Zorro himself, of course, but more interesting is the chance to take up his legacy, as those men and women who cannot watch the fight from the sidelines. The Fox has taken you into his confidence, and you go forth armed with your training, your wits, and the legend.

Not content with just the swashbuckling adventure that is familiar to all Zorro fans, The World of Zorro will also feature an intricate depiction of life, love and politics in 1820's California. Both of us are contributing to the main rules, and are excited to be part of the on-going adventure!

"Four days ago, señor, you brutally beat a native who had won your dislike. The affair happened on the road between here and the mission at San Gabriel-- I am the friend of the oppressed, señor, and I have come to punish you" -- El Zorro, to Sergeant Gonzales, shortly afterwards (from The Mark of Zorro by Johnston McCulley)

Zorro is © 2001 by Zorro Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Zorro is a registered trademark of Zorro Productions, Inc. The Legacy of Zorro Introductory Adventure Game and The World of Zorro Adventure Game and Resource Book published by Gold Rush Games, a division of Gold Rush Entertainment, Inc., under license. All rights reserved.


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