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Tabula Rasa

Melissa Weldon

by David Carroll

Melissa was the character I created for Geoff Skellams' Capstone Cabin game, for d20 Call of Cthulhu. She is the sister of the other character in the game, Sam, who is having his own problems. Fortunately a nice week or two in the country will fix things. Right?

4th Level (Defensive)

20 hp
BAB +2

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 14 (inc +1 at 4th)

Sanity 54/60

Fort 5: 4 + 1
Ref 7: 4 + 1 + 2
Will 2: 1 + 1

Endurance (+4 to perform extended physical actions)
Lightning Reflexes (+2 to Ref saves)
Trustworthy (+2 to Diplomacy and Gather Info)

Skills (56)
Animal Empathy 6: 4 + 2
Bluff 5: 3 + 2
Climb 4: 4 + 0
Diplomacy 8: 4 + 2 + 2
Drive 3: 2 + 1 *
Gather Info. 8: 4 + 2 + 2
Handle Animal 7: 5 + 2
Intimidate 3: 1 + 2 *
Listen 4: 3 + 1
Psychoanalysis 2: 1 + 1 *
Sense Motive 5: 4 + 1
Spot 5: 4 + 1
Swim 4: 4 + 0
Use Rope 5: 4 + 1
Wilderness Lore 6: 5 + 1
* Cross class

Age: early 30s

Has done a variety of seasonal and temporary work, like house painting, selling videos in shopping malls, and escorting kids on riding trails. She'd prefer to work full time with horses, but there's not enough work to go round. She does volunteer work with Guides three nights a week, and spends many weekends out on camps. She has a good relationship with most children -- firm but friendly -- and enjoys the camps. But sometimes anything she may be achieving seems ephemeral.

Recently she has seemed to have turned into an amateur drug councillor, as some of the kids have turned to her for advice (or she has found evidence for herself), and this freaks her out. She tries not to show it to the kids, and she wants to do the right thing but thinks she could be getting into lots of trouble. (She only has the minimum amount of training in such matters as required by the authorities for those in her position.)

She has been married, to one Jason Hillman, but it ended two years ago in acrimony -- no real fault on either side, just unmet expectations and increasing tension. She once told him (after the divorce) that she'd terminated a pregnancy during their marriage. That wasn't true, but his deep hurt gave her a feeling of both shame and contempt that she still feels an echo of, not helped by the fact they still live fairly close.


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