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Tabula Rasa Demon: The Fallen

Demon the Fallen

An unofficial set of rules for the new World of Darkness

This is a document in the process of being created, regarding mechanics for running Demon in the new World of Darkness. If you have any comments, please leave them on the various forums linked below (or just email).

Character Creation

Step 1: Choose Background

Choose a character concept, a House and a faction. Consider the background of your human form, and how she came to be in such dire straits. What did your character represent as an Angel of the host? Did she do anything important in the First War? How much background detail you create for the demonic side of the character may be reflected in the Legacy Merit.

See the Demon core rules (chapter Six) for more detailed notes of character concept.

Step 2: Select Attributes

Prioritise the three categories and assign attributes (5/4/3). You start with one dot in each Attribute. The fifth dot in any Attribute costs two dots to purchase.

See The World of Darkness (chapter two), for more information.

Step 3: Select Skills

Prioritise the three categories and assign skills (11/7/4). The fifth dot in any Skill costs two dots to purchase.

See The World of Darkness (chapter 3), for more information.

Step 4: Select Skill Specialties

Take three skill specialties of your choice, whether in a single skill, or spread among several. See The World of Darkness (chapter 3) for more information.

Step 5: Add the supernatural template

Favoured Attribute: Every House has two favoured attributes. You may add a dot to your character's rating in one of those Attributes.

Grace: Grace represents your ability to throw off the torment of the Abyss -- without it, you will be nothing but a mindless monster intent on destruction. It replaces the Morality advantage in The World of Darkness. Your starting Grace depends upon your House. Unlike other Advantages with temporary points, temporary Grace can exceed your current Grace score. When it is reduced to 0, your character loses a point of permanent Grace. Characters start with a temporary Grace of 10,

HouseFavoured Attribute (choose one) Starting Grace
DevilsWits or Presence7
ScourgesWits or Stamina8
MalefactorsResolve or Dexterity8
FiendsIntelligence or Presence8
DefilersDexterity or Manipulation8
DevourersStrength or Presence7
SlayersResolve or Composure7

Faith: This represents the character's faith his herself and humanity, a confidence which directly represents how much influence she has over creation. Demons start with a score of 3.

Primary Lore: Choose one of the three Lore paths from your characters House as your primary Lore. Then allocate three dots into the paths from either the Common Lore, or that from your own House. The three dots can be put into one Lore, or spread among several, but at least one must be in your primary Lore.

See the Demon Core Rules (chapter Seven) for detail on Lore.

Visage: Your primary Lore determines your visage. You can opt to use the special abilities listed for that visage in the Demon Core Rules, or customise it using the information in chapter four of the Demon Players Guide (note that it must still be based on your primary Lore to some degree).

Step 6: Choose Merits

You have 7 dots to assign to the character's Merits. As well as the ones listed in the World of Darkness, you may select from the following list of Demon-specific Merits. Most are described as Backgrounds in the Demon Core Rules, chapter six. See chapter two of the Demon Players Guide for guidelines about gaining or losing these Merits.

  • Eminence
  • Followers
  • Legacy
  • Pacts
  • Paragon
  • Rituals (from the Demon Players Guide, chapter six).

Step 7: Determine Advantages

Determine the character's Defence, Health, Initiative, Size, Speed, Willpower and her Virtue and Vice.

Step 8: Choose Flaw

Optionally select a flaw from the list in the World of Darkness book (flaws from Demon are being considered).

Experience Points

This is the experience point table for further development.

AttributeNew dots x 5
SkillNew dots x 3
Skill Specialty3 points
MeritNew dots x 2
FaithNew dots x 7
LoreNew dots x 5 (or 6 if from a House other than the characters)
Grace10 dots

Grace and Torment

Still a subject of discussion...

Innate Powers

These are the powers Demons can draw upon, assuming they still have points of temporary Faith. The following are unchanged from the original ruleset:

  • Immunity to Mind Control
  • Immunity to Possession
  • Resistance to Lethal Damage
  • Healing Physical Damage

The Apocalyptic Form

As usual, a demon can assume her apocalpytic form by rolling a successful Faith roll, or by spending a point of Faith to do it automatically. When Grace reaches 4, she may choose a high-torment power of the form, and accesses an additional power for each level below that.

Resistance to Illusion

Roll Wits + Composure to see through illusions and supernatural concealment. If the effect was created by another demon, then the dice pool is modified by the difference in Faith between the two (positiive or negative).


Make a Faith roll if your character's Celestial or True Names is spoken, and she wants to discover how and why that happened. If the True Name is used, add 2 to the dice pool.

Supernatural Awareness

Roll Wits + Occult to sense supernatural emanations in the area. The range of the senses is unchanged from the original rules.

Gaining Faith

This is a table without a function yet, but I've put it here to think about how it could be used for relationships with mortals (and presumably the gaining of faith).

HouseFavoured VirtueFavoured Vice
DevilsHope, JusticePride, Wrath
ScourgesHope, TemperanceGluttony, Lust
MalefactorsCharity, PrudenceGreed, Pride
FiendsFaith, PrudenceGreed, Sloth
DefilersCharity, FaithEnvy, Lust
DevourersFortitude, JusticeGluttony, Wrath
SlayersFortitude, TemperanceEnvy, Sloth


This list covers all the evocations in the Demon core rules, giving new Attribute/Skill combinations to match the current version. I have had a couple of different (sometimes contradictory) concerns in creating this list. One of them is trying to ensure the amount of attributes or skills required to master the different paths is a bit more evenly matched than previously, and also take into account the Favoured Attributes of the various Houses.

Lore of the FundamentManipulate GravityStrengthAthletics
Manipulate AdhesionDexterityAthletics
Manipulate InertiaDexterityAthletics
Manipulate AccelerationDexterityAthletics
Manipulate CohesionStaminaScience
Lore of HumanityTranslateManipulationEmpathy
Alter MemoryManipulationSubterfuge
Lore of the CelestialsLamp of FaithWitsEmpathy
Send VisionWitsExpression
Pillar of FaithPresenceExpression
The Fire of HeavenPresenceAthletics
Hand of FaithPresenceExpression
Lore of FlameFuelStaminaSurvival
Command the FlameWitsCrafts
Ride the FlamesStaminaCrafts
Lore of RadianceVoice of HeavenPresenceExpression
Aura of LegendManipulationEmpathy
The Mark of the CelestialsManipulationExpression
Lore of AwakeningFind the FaithfulWitsMedicine
Restore LifeStaminaMedicine
Lore of the FirmamentRemote ViewingWitsEmpathy
Mouth of the DamnedManipulationIntimidation
Touch From AfarManipulationEmpathy
Many Places at OnceWitsIntimidation
Lore of the WindsSummon WindStaminaSurvival
Fist of AirStaminaSurvival
Command the WindDexterityCrafts
Wall of AirStaminaSurvival
Lore of the EarthEarth MeldStrengthSurvival
Roil the EarthWitsSurvival
Mold EarthStrengthCrafts
Earth StormStrengthSurvival
Lore of PathsFind PathResolveSurvival
Lay PathDexteritySurvival
Conceal PathResolveSubterfuge
Close PathDexteritySurvival
Warp PathDexteritySurvival
Lore of the ForgeEnhance ObjectWitsCrafts
Activate ObjectWitsCrafts
Shape ObjectDexterityCrafts
Enchant ObjectDexterityCrafts
Imbue ObjectDexterityEmpathy
Lore of PatternsSense CongruenceWitsOccult
Trace PatternIntelligenceOccult
Causal InfluenceWitsOccult
Twist TimeStaminaOccult
Lore of PortalsOpen/Close PortalsPresenceCrafts
Create WardPresenceOccult
Doorway into DarknessStaminaOccult
Lore of LightLightPresenceScience
Bend LightPresenceScience
Coherent LightIntelligenceExpression
Lore of LongingRead EmotionWitsEmpathy
Empathic ResponseManipulationEmpathy
Manipulate SensesWitsMedicine
Lore of StormsSummon WaterDexteritySurvival
Water FormDexterityCrafts
Manipulate WeatherWitsScience
Command the StormWitsScience
Invoke the StormDexteritySurvival
Lore of TransfigurationMimicWitsEmpathy
Alter AppearanceManipulationPersuasion
Alter ShapeManipulationPersuasion
Lore of the BeastSummon AnimalsPresenceAnimal Ken
Command AnimalsPresenceAnimal Ken
Possess AnimalsIntelligenceAnimal Ken
Animal FormStrengthAnimal Ken
Create ChimeraIntelligenceAnimal Ken
Lore of the WildWilderness SenseWitsSurvival
Quicken GrowthStrengthSurvival
Command the WildWitsSurvival
Possess PlantStrengthSurvival
Mutate PlantIntelligenceSurvival
Lore of the FleshBody ControlStrengthMedicine
Manipulate NervesWitsMedicine
Manipulate FleshWitsMedicine
Restore FleshWitsMedicine
Shape FleshDexterityMedicine
Lore of DeathRead FateComposureEmpathy
Vision of MortalityWitsEmpathy
Extinguish LifeResolveEmpathy
Lore of the SpiritSpeak with the DeadManipulationEmpathy
Summon the DeadPresenceEmpathy
Command the DeadPresenceEmpathy
Anchor the SoulComposureOccult
Restore the DeadComposureOccult
Lore of the RealmsSense the BarrierWitsOccult
Step Beyond the VeilResolveOccult
Reach Across the BarrierWitsOccult
Pierce the BarrierComposureOccult

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