by Terry Dowling

RynosserosISBN 095865834X; RRP $24.95 (Inc GST)
232 pages
Cover Art by Nick Stathopoulos

An Australian Science Fiction Classic

Come to Australia...

Journey through a bizarre and beautiful world where great sand-ships are the main form of travel, and the inhabitants of the richly cosmopolitan coastal cities can only marvel at the strange Ab'O societies of the interior.

Visit a future where terraforming, genetic engineering and formidable mental sciences are commonplace, and tribal satellites look down on unending wars between rival Ab'O States.

Travel with Tom Tyson through a land of merging cultures and philosophies, of myth and dream made real, a land of absolute possibility...

"Here is Jack Vance, Cordwainer Smith, and Tiptree/Sheldon come again, reborn in one wonderful talent... you'll purr and growl with delight" (Harlan Ellison)

"the most noted prose stylist in Australian speculative fiction." (Locus)

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