Confessions of a Pod Person

by Chuck McKenzie

Confessions of a Pod Person coverPaperback 198 mm x 126 mm (7 3/4 in x 5 in), 160 pages.
ISBN 0975785214
RRP $18.95 (Aust $, inc GST)
Published November 2005
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The first collection from Australia's clown prince of SF writing.

It isn't easy being a businessman, when the alien ambassador just want to eat you ... ('Catflap')

Hidden inside the ventilation duct, Lars Janssen peered at the Alien Space Nazi's head. It had dandruff ... ('Alien Space Nazis Must Die!')

Later, Eric would berate himself for not just sodding off home as soon as he heard the words 'motivational tour' ... ('The Shadow Over Bexley')

McKenzie's work is reminiscent of Eric Frank Russell, Robert Sheckley and Terry Pratchett. But where Sheckley gets political, Pratchett pokes fun at us humans, and Russell transfers human foibles onto hapless aliens, McKenzie lets fly at whoever or whatever will stand still long enough. The joke is on anything that moves, and it's very, very funny.

Try this:


Bastards had it comin', messin' with us all these years. Finally abducted the wrong guy, sucking Ted up into their flying saucer and scooting off with him, out into space, where the moon's always full.

Lycanthropy's a bitch, ain't it?

Ted tells me they tasted like chicken.

  • All I Want for Christmas
  • Predatory Instincts
  • Daily Grind
  • Retail Therapy
  • Literality
  • Like a Bug Underfoot
  • Catflap
  • The Mark of His Hands
  • Conquest!
  • The Shadow Over Bexley
  • Customer Service
  • Alien Space Nazis Must Die!
  • Eight-Beat Bar
  • Confessions of a Pod Person
  • Howler

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