The Land of Bad Dreams cover, by Kyla Ward

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The Land of Bad Dreams was launched on Tuesday, 27 September 2011 at the World Bar in Kings Cross, Sydney. Local performance artists were invited to interpret six poems from the collection, and the performances filmed. The results lie before you!

Steven Hopley conjures "Herbal Tea"

Irving Gregory settles "Mary", with the assistance of Paul Prestapino.
This recording is featured in the Land of Bad Dreams trailer, on the main page.

Kathleen Kennedy and Glen Jackson of Swordplay duel "The Battle Bride"

Kyla Ward extracts "The Torturer's Confession". Featuring Michael Corbin.

Venus Vamp deflowers "Virgins and Martyrs" with the assistance of Markéta Greplová. Original music composed and recorded by Jon Blum, featuring Andrew Shellshear and Kyla Ward.

The Surgical Sideshow dismember "My Guest". Featuring The Good Skellington as the Brain Doctor, The Bad Skellington as the Patient and Maggie Von Garlick as the Demon Within, assisted by Black Paul and Emmabot.

My thanks to the stage crew, Craig Walker, Laura Meade and Chris Price. To the camera crew, Jon Blum (who also edited everything on this page), Andrew Shellshear and Paul Deus. To Urby and the rest of the staff of the World Bar, and to everyone who attended, making this truly a night to remember!