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Prismatic is a novel of plague, madness and buried secrets, from Lothian Books. It is now available in Australian bookshops, or on-line (check the Links page for locations).


Prismatic has won the 2006 Aurealis Award for best Horror Novel, sharing the prize with Will Elliott's The Pilo Family Circus. The award is determined by a panel of industry experts, in all branches of Australian speculative fiction. For more information on the awards, check the Aurealis website.


With riveting action, dense historical detail, little exposition, a fast paced cinematic atmosphere, sensitive commentary on indigenous history, and a delirious fracturing of story functioning both as post-colonial disruption and as an encompassing metaphor — it's no wonder Prismatic shared the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel in 2006. A fine novel.
—Talie Helene, ePostMortem Newsletter#3, Feb 2007.

The perfect horror novel in terms of pacing, content, and bangs for your buck. Go get infected today!
Scary Minds.

Prismatic is not committee work, and it is about the lives of young, urban Australians – a rarity in ozlit, YA apart. The latter seldom ventures into the area of piercings, tatts, and drugs. Prismatic does, and takes no prisoners... Dark suspense is one description, so is contemporary thriller. Gripping despite my flu (not plague).
—Lucy Sussex, The Age, 9th July, 2006.

Edwina Grey's debut novel, Prismatic, is a soft-touch tale that braids three narratives into a stylish, sometimes chilling whole ... Subtle and intriguing more than compelling, Grey's novel blends engaging period milieus and sound characterisation with visionary touches reminiscent with J.G. Ballard's The Crystal World.
—Terry Dowling, The Australian, 21st October, 2006.

Prismatic is a very well-written story, descriptive without being overly wordy. The story line is terrific and the characterisation is very interesting: even the most minor character is well-formed, and every character is flawed, making them great reading. It's only 100,000 words, but there's a whole lot of story in those few words. It's a great thriller, it's certainly not for the faint-hearted (if you don't like the idea of people eating other people's brains, don't read this) but it's a great read.
—Nicole Murphy, AS if!, August 2006 (review contains some spoilers)


The Competition

Congratulations to Keith Nielsen of Texas, who won a copy of Prismatic in our competition in aid of International Horror Day, in August 2006.

The Launch

Prismatic and our sister novel Carnies were launched at Conflux on Saturday, June 10th. With about fifty people in attendance, including renowned SF and Horror editor Ellen Datlow, everything went extremely well.

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