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Burnt Toast

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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

Out of Context

First Appeared in Burnt Toast#12, 1992

Doctor doctor can't you see
I'm burning burning
Oh doctor doctor
is this love I'm feeling
Come with me and make believe
We can travel to eternity
          Doctor Doctor
          Thomson Twins

He began to walk towards Alan, the red pinpricks in his eyes deepening. He left a boot-track in an oatmeal-colored lump of Ace's brains as he came.
          Needful Things
          Stephen King

Black Orchid, Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean, DC
Dragon Fire, Andrew Kaplan, Arrow
Telos, Department of Sociolgy, Washington
Me and Sarah Jane, Genesis
Paradise Towers, Gold Coast hotel
Wheel in Space, Patrick Moore, Lutterworth
Zygon, Journal of Religion and Science
DW Suite, Lindsey Buckingham

Suffer little children
Send the little child to me
All day the Doctor,
He handles his responsibility
          Choir Girl
          Cold Chisel

Dr Who?
SIR: If you say to yourself "the doctrinate Dr", what politician comes to your mind?
          John Minchin
          SMH, 14/9/92

Doctor doctor help me please
I know you'll understand
There's a time device inside of me
I'm a self-destructing man
          The Kinks

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

          Newspaper Headline

He's the one they call Doctor Feelgood,
He's the one who makes you feel alright
He's the one they call Doctor Feelgood
He's gonna be your Frankenstein
          Doctor Feelgood
          Mötley Crüe

Melanie, what can the problem be
Sweet Melanie, why don't you go out with me
          Weird Al Yankovic

Rock soldiers come
Rock soldiers go
Some hear the drum
And some never know
Hey rock soldiers
How do we know
Ace is back
And he (?) told you so
          Rock Soldiers
          Ace Frehley

Doctor Doctor
Give me the news
I've got a bad case
Of loving you
          Bad Case of Loving You
          Robert Palmer

My Shangri La
I can't forget
Why you were mine
I need you now
          The Ballad of Billy and Delta
          (actually Lost in the Shadows)
          Lou Gramm

I better take off helicopter
The horizon is my friend and doctor
          I don't mind (if the Sputnik lands)
          Dirk Blanchart

So baby please get on your knees
There are no bills,
there are no fees
          Dr Love

'I'm coming round to the daylight side again, and it's just as I reported on the last orbit. This place seems to have only two kinds of surface material. The black stuff looks burnt, almost like charcoal, and with the same kind of texture as far as I can judge in the telescope. In fact, it reminds me very much of burnt toast...
          2001: a space odyssey
          Arthur C. Clarke

He said I am the Doctor
The B52
Going to cross the horizon
Drop my love on you
          Underneath the Radar


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