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Burnt Toast#1, 1990

Grab onto my arm now. Hold tight. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. There are three rules. First: no smiling when it doesn't mean anything. Second: don't have the soup. And third, well, I'll think of a third one before we reach Java.

Welcome indeed to the first issue of Burnt Toast. This is a fanzine dedicated not only to Doctor Who, but horror, both within and away from the program. Because this is different from any other Doctor Who fanzine I'm aware of a couple of explanations are in order. At the moment my editorial policy is to print a range of articles with a similar mixture as in this issue, with both fiction (and even poetry) and some more informative pieces. And as you will see shortly I'm not looking for everything to concern Doctor Who, but hopefully will be of interest to the type of people who watch the show. After some thought, taking into consideration the contents of this and planned contents of issue 2, I've rated this fanzine 'Suitable for mature readers'. This is mainly because it gives me more freedom to publish what I believe is suitable for the mood of the 'zine. But while I'm aiming at a mature audience I'm not going to publish lots of gratuitous sex and violence, that gets boring real fast.

And now for the most important bit, you. I'm setting the policy and trying to maintain a very high standard, but I can't write this alone. So if you have anything that you believe can add to this fanzine, please send it in. Anything from fiction to more general articles, whilst keeping the (fairly flexible) format, or even just your comments will be greatly appreciated. Fanzines die or thrive on their support so I'm relying on you.

Hopefully this will be a bimonthly publication though its hardly definite. Whilst my current access to a laser-printer is strictly temporary I have plans to make the next issue just as visually impressive, and cheap, as this one so stay tuned.

But enough from me (and if you believe that...) so read and, I can but hope, enjoy.


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