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The Tiger Who Wanted to be Human

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Australian Comics

This is a small site dedicated to the exciting world of the Aussie Comic industry -- a larger and weirder entity than most people realise. Included is a detailed history of the scene, a cover gallery that showcases some of the amazing art that has been produced, and some interviews, reviews and articles about individual titles.

As you may notice, there's an awful lot of comics in the gallery, and the history is now getting a little out of date... In lieu of an update, here's a quick list of what should be out in the comic shops now:

  • After Life: Immortality and ecology collide
  • The Arrival: After winning major awards for literature, I'm reclaiming it as a comic. A beautiful book.
  • Azerath: A fun and good-looking fantasy adventure from Phosporescent
  • Basic Wage Kids: the trials and tribulations of a young rock band
  • CAB Collaborative Auto-Biography: an anthology of stories about personal experiences in Cabramatta, Sydney.
  • Character Sketches: a great new anthology
  • The Crumpleton Experiments: Fascinating look at mad scientists, perky assistants and distilled evil
  • Deevee: a compilation of stories
  • The Eldritch Kid: Christian Read's latest brand of cool
  • The Fate of the Artist: Eddie Campbell is back. Or is he?
  • Golgotha: evil is stirring in deep space. A promising new series.
  • Hairbutt the Hippo Funnies: a big collection of old strips
  • He Died with a Felafel in his Hand: excellent adaptation of a classic book
  • The Ink: A new anthology from Aaron Burgess
  • Ma B: Life on the run from both sides of the law
  • Meus Officium est Abyssus: the fabulous adventures of Maxwell the Demon, plus friends and workmates.
  • OzTAKU: A really big manga anthology...
  • Quasi: a new anthology with some very interesting stuff in it.
  • The Seven Swords: a simple but effective fantasy series.
  • Singularity: a look at slices of life and quantum physics
  • Something Wicked: fabulous and huge horror anthology, followed by Something Weird
  • Vigil: Violence in many permutatons
  • Witch King: Christian Read's fantasy epic

And that's not everything. So don't let anyone tell you that nothing is happening! (see the timeline for more.)