Terry Dowling is one of Australia's most respected and internationally acclaimed writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. He is author of Rynosseros, Blue Tyson, and Twilight Beach (the Tom Rynosseros saga), Wormwood, The Man Who Lost Red, An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, Antique Futures: The Best of Terry Dowling, and Blackwater Days; and co-editor of Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF and The Essential Ellison. He is also author of the computer game adventure, Schizm: Mysterious Journey.

Dowling's stories have appeared locally in such magazines as Omega Science Digest, Australian Short Stories, Overland, Aphelion, Eidolon, and Aurealis and anthologies as diverse as Dreaming Down Under, Centaurus: The Best of Australian Science Fiction, Alien Shores, The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories and The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy. Overseas publications include The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Interzone, Ténèbres, Ikarie and Japan's SF; the webzines SciFiction and Event Horizon, and appearances in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, The Year's Best Horror, the Year's Best Fantasy and the Year's Best SF.

Terry's work has been compared to that of Jack Vance, J.G. Ballard, Cordwainer Smith, Ray Bradbury, Gene Wolfe, James Tiptree Jr, Kate Wilhelm, Frank Herbert, Harlan Ellison, Dennis Etchison and Peter Straub, and such South American writers as Borges and Cortazar, though his voice is uniquely his own, earning him complimentary entries in Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers, the Clute/Nicholls Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, John Clute's Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia, the 'Movers and Shakers' section of David Pringle's The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and the St James Guide to Horror, Ghost and Gothic Writers. Locus, the multi-award winning genre newspaper, has hailed him as 'the most noted prose stylist in Australian speculative fiction' and regards his work as placing him 'among the masters of the field'.

Dowling is also one of Australia's most awarded writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. His fiction has won eleven Ditmar Awards, two Readercon Awards, three Aurealis Awards, a Prix Wolkenstein, and earned two World Fantasy Award nominations. Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the computer game developed in collaboration with Poland's Detalion team for L.K. Avalon, won a Grand Prix at Utopiales 2001 in France.

Terry has also won the William Atheling Jr Award for criticism. He is a respected freelance journalist and award-winning critic. As well as being reviewer of science fiction, fantasy and horror for Australia's largest circulation newspaper The Australian since 1989, his essays, articles and reviews have appeared in The Bulletin, Omega Science Digest, Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature, The Sydney Morning Herald, The National Times and The Australian. He has written introductions for the Easton Press edition of Harlan Ellison's Deathbird Stories (1990) and the British Library's Jack Vance: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography (2000). Terry has also worked as a consultant for Southern Star Television in Sydney.

Dowling has conducted writing workshops for the NSW Writers' Centre, Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, the University of Canberra's Centre for Creative Writing and the Perth Writers' Festival. His appearances as guest speaker include the Powerhouse Museum, the Canberra Word Festival and the Perth Writers' Festival as well as numerous science fiction conventions, television and radio interviews. Magazine interviews have appeared in publications like Locus, Interzone, Eidolon, Aurealis, Sirius and Men's Journal Quarterly.

Terry is also a musician and songwriter, with eight years of appearances on the Australia's longest-running children's television program, ABC's Mr Squiggle & Friends. He presently teaches a Communications course at a Sydney college and, among other things, is completing a doctorate in Creative Writing.

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