by Chris Mowbray and Ben Peek

The Enigma VariantA5 Chapbook Paperback 145mm x 210mm, 48 pages.
ISBN 0958658323
(Published 1999)

Out of Print

In 1998 and 1999 the Infinitas Bookshop Newsletter published a series of short stories from members of the shops' writers' group. One of the items published was a six part serial from Ben Peek and Chris Mowbray, which we decided to publish as a chapbook to tie into the 1999 World SF Convention in Melbourne, Australia.

The Enigma Variant

For ex-cop Terrence Sands the boy was just another missing persons case, a chance to pay the rent, with a little left over to feed his cigarette habit. But as he searches, Sands is drawn into a world of death and violence, where even the truth cannot always be trusted.

The Enigma Variant is a cyber SF thriller, set in a bright future with a dark underside.

The Enigma Variant was limited to 100 copies and quickly went out of print (Note: some copies may still be available from The Australian Online Bookshop).

Chris Mowbray lives in western Sydney. His non-writing interests include bodybuilding and classical music. He has had stories published in Realms of Fantasy, Passing Strange, and Agog! Fantastic Fiction.

Ben Peek is the creator of the Urban Sprawl Project, a phamplet that mixed photography and prose about the Sydney suburbs. He has also written short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction which have appeared in a diverse range of places, some of which can be found using the search engine of an individual's choice. Currently, he is doing a doctorate in creative writing at the University of New South Wales, in which he is writing a novel about Sydney that has been born from many of the themes and concerns that lead him to create the Urban Sprawl Project.

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