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Strange Worlds

Artwork © Greg Gates
All rights reserved

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Strange Worlds the Art of Greg Gates, 2002

by Greg Gates
Introduction by Dillon Naylor
Paper Tableaux

Strange Worlds is not absolutely everything by Greg, but it's a good ninety per cent of it, certainly the best of it. Often regarded as a 'traditional' or 'realistic' artist, it became apparent, seeing all the strips side-by-side, that Greg has developed a surprisingly diverse range of styles over the years.
—from the Publisher's Notes

Contents. All art by Greg Gates.

  • High Stakes, story by Russell Edwards
  • Nature Boy, story by Dillon Naylor
  • Bad Vibes, story by Dillon Naylor
  • Can I Live Now?, story by Philip Bentley
  • All Along the Watchtower Bar and Grill, story by Dave Hodson
  • Portrait of the Artist, Story by David Bird
  • Justice is Deaf, story by Larry L.
  • Sanger Song O'Sixpence, story by Dillon Naylor & Jonathan D.
  • Mail Disorder, story by Dillon Naylor
  • Buccaneers to You, Ian, story by Dillon Naylor
  • Kurbie Syndrome, story by Dillon Naylor
  • Galatea, story by Adam Possamai
  • Secret Scientist, story by David Bird
  • Watch this Space, story by David Bird, layouts by Darrel Merritt
  • 1914 - 1918, story by Ian Gould
  • Time Hiccupped, story by Greg Gates
  • The Girl with the Thursday Lip, story by David Bird
  • I was a Captive Sex Slave, story by David Bird
  • I was Lost in a Dream, story by David Bird
  • plus notes and an extensive gallery


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