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Pirates, October 2005

Published by Tonia Walden

An anthology of pirate tales, including:

  • A Pirate's Absolution, by Henry PoP
  • Pirate Man, by Matt Huynh
  • I Hate Pirates, by Daniel Lawson and Ryan Wilton
  • Sabre and his Scurvy Dogs, by Edward J Grug III
  • Black, by Mike Delight
  • The Pirate's Boy, by Liz Argall, Mike McClure and Troy Kealley
  • Special Needs on the Seven Seas, by Dean Rankin
  • Over the Reef, by Ian C. Thomas
  • Mister J and the Pirates, by Jason Conlan
  • Jolly Roger, by Jase Harper
  • Sourpuss, by Jeremy Conrad and Miss Wired
  • Pirate Idol, by Gavin Thomson
  • Callous, by Mark Selan and Tonia Walden
  • The Pirate Code of Conduct, by Stuart Roberts and Arran McKenna
  • The Lense of Bast – "A Cat Named Max", by Maggie McFee
  • Playing Pirates, by Jennifer Oglivie
  • Piratify, by Anthony Samson
  • Buccaneer's Rest, by Michael Connolly
  • Pirate Rob in "Bonny and Read", by Steve Stamatiadis


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