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GLITTERshy #6, March 2003

First published in Dec, '98. 6 Issues, on-going
Edited by Maccad
Cover by Maccad
Glitter Shy Comix

GLITTERshy #1 was released after I had read and contributed to Graber Hill's Black Light Angels ComiK. This was back when self-publishing goth subculture themed comix was in it's heyday (Ghoul Lash and Unspeakable Things being two notable other Sydney-based comics). It started off as a very cut-and-paste effort, with almost as much text as artwork and comics, giving it an overall 'zine feel.

I put out GLITTERshy as a response to fill requests for personal artwork ("Satisfy 'em all at once, and make 'em cover some of the costs!" so someone told me.) that I just couldn't get through. It was also incredibly empowering to be responsible for a publication in it's totality from start to finish, never mind the quality or quantity. I can see that feeling is something that can get a lot of self-publishers hooked.

As the issues progressed, I started to put more effort into the production, working up to colour covers and computer-enhanced artwork. The illustrated stories that made up a big portion of the first two issues are gone, as are the shorter strips and one-pagers and pinups. Eventually, I hope that GLITTERshy will feature full-length stories, or a number of continuing storylines, possibly (even hopefully!) written by someone with a greater knack for story writing than I have.

It would be great to do GLITTERshy for a living, but realistically I'm only doing and treating it as an obsessive hobby (although the hours I work on it are like a part time job, sometimes...)

-- Maccad (aka David McDermott)

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